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2 Aircraft Crash during WWII Airshow in Dallas

 2 aircraft collided and crashed at the Dallas Executive Airport in Texas Saturday afternoon. The crash occurred during flying demonstrations of World War Two fighter planes at the wings over Dallas event. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, it's unclear how many people were on board the planes. Air show was planned by the Commemorative Air Force, an organization focused on American military aviation. 

Second into the collision. 

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are leading the investigation. 

We're following some breaking news out of Dallas two planes collided mid air during a show at the Dallas Executive Airport. This was earlier this afternoon. Take a look at this footage. Investigators are currently underway in investigations. I should say underway to determine what led up to this crash. News nations Robert Sherman has the latest. On this fiery collision Robert, this is just agonizing. So many people were witness to this. What can you tell us? 

A lot of families came out to that airfield in order to see that air show today and those images. Those videos are just so heartbreaking to look at, we'll go right back to the video and show that to you right now. If we're still at the very early onset of this investigation, but what we can tell you is is that the two aircraft that were involved was a Boeing B17. Flying Fortress and a bell. P63 kingcobra. For both World War Two ERA aircraft that just appear to collide right in right in the air, we still don't know exactly why this happened, and it's not entirely clear how many people were involved in this incident. There was one official on the ground who said typically a B17 has a crew of four to five people, and the P63 is. The single seater aircraft, so that's what they're going off of right now, but that's the that's not finality by any stretch of the imagination. At this point, the FAA is the lead investigative force that is on the ground there waiting for the NTSB to be unseen to take over that investigation we should be getting more information soon. But as we said Marky, a lot of prayers going out to all those involved tonight. 

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